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  1. High-throughput functional characterization of combinations of transcriptional activators and repressors
    Adi X. Mukund, Josh Tycko, Sage J. Allen, Stephanie A. Robinson, Cecelia Andrews, Connor H. Ludwig, Kaitlyn Spees, Michael C. Bassik, and Lacramioara Bintu
    Dec 2022
  2. Large-scale mapping and systematic mutagenesis of human transcriptional effector domains
    Nicole DelRosso, Josh Tycko, Peter Suzuki, Cecelia Andrews,  Aradhana, Adi Mukund, Ivan Liongson, Connor Ludwig, Kaitlyn Spees, Polly Fordyce, Michael C. Bassik, and Lacramioara Bintu
    Aug 2022
  3. Dynamic spreading of chromatin-mediated gene silencing and reactivation between neighboring genes in single cells
    Sarah Lensch, Michael H Herschl, Connor H Ludwig, Joydeb Sinha, Michaela M Hinks, Adi Mukund, Taihei Fujimori, and Lacramioara Bintu
    eLife, Jun 2022
  4. Temporal signaling, population control, and information processing through chromatin-mediated gene regulation
    Adi Mukund, and Lacramioara Bintu
    Journal of Theoretical Biology, Feb 2022


  1. High-Throughput Discovery and Characterization of Human Transcriptional Effectors
    Josh Tycko, Nicole DelRosso, Gaelen T. Hess,  Aradhana, Abhimanyu Banerjee, Aditya Mukund, Mike V. Van, Braeden K. Ego, David Yao, Kaitlyn Spees, Peter Suzuki, Georgi K. Marinov, Anshul Kundaje, Michael C. Bassik, and Lacramioara Bintu
    Cell, Dec 2020


  1. OSPREY 3.0: Open-source protein redesign for you, with powerful new features
    M.A. Hallen, J.W. Martin, A. Ojewole, J.D. Jou, A.U. Lowegard, M.S. Frenkel, P. Gainza, H.M. Nisonoff, A. Mukund, S. Wang, G.T. Holt, D. Zhou, E. Dowd, and B.R. Donald
    Journal of Computational Chemistry, Dec 2018